Even the best financial plan can be undone by unforeseen circumstances like illness or death. Many families would struggle to maintain their lifestyle with the loss of an income. This is why, to complement any financial plan, it is so important to have the right level of Protection in place. We can give you the peace of mind that you and your family are protected.

Typically, protection is used to help:

  • Cover living expenses and debt payments in the event you cannot work
  • Provide for your family if you died
  • Cover a possible Inheritance Tax bill, maybe avoiding the need to sell the family home

Our advisers take a detailed and calculated approach to recommending Protection. We work with you to identify any risks and then help you prioritise these. Through the use of our cash flow modelling, we can take a more analytical approach to protection, ensuring our advice is suitable and effective.

At Credo, we are not tied to any one insurance provider. Instead, we have the ability to look at all insurance providers and products and therefore can recommend the most appropriate solution based on your individual circumstances.

Business Protection

Adequate business protection can be vital to the continued success of a business, should illness or death occur.

Business continuity and succession planning should be important for any business. Business Protection can help you manage financially in the event of the death or illness of a key person or business owner.

We can help you with:

  • Shareholder protection
  • Relevant Life Insurance
  • Key Person Protection
  • Loan Protection
Credo Wealth

Creating and preserving wealth for future generations is a different journey for each client. At the outset of your journey with us, you will be introduced to your personal Relationship Manager who will be your primary contact. Your Relationship Manager will guide you through Credo's investment process, including understanding your investment objectives, risk profile and financial needs.