Bespoke Portfolio

In addition to our model portfolios, Credo offers clients a Bespoke Portfolio service. This service takes into account the client's investment objectives, attitude and capacity for risk, expected returns, and investment restrictions.

We will construct a bespoke and well suited portfolio consisting of a combination of asset classes including equities, fixed income, alternative investments and property. Where appropriate we may include private equity investments. The construction of that portfolio may differ depending on the investment philosophy and methodology of your relationship manager or portfolio manager, as the case may be, (the Manager) with some Managers adopting Credo’s in-house investment philosophy and methodology, while others may apply a differentiated investment philosophy and methodology. All Credo portfolios are nevertheless subject to the same regulatory rules and controls.

Investment Philosophy

  • We believe that wealth is best created and preserved through patient & disciplined investing focused on the long term
  • We follow a value-based approach to investing
  • We seek to invest in high quality companies that are attractively priced relative to their future business prospects
  • We believe that the market’s short-term focus creates opportunities for those willing to concentrate on underlying business performance
  • We view risk as permanent losses of capital and not in terms of short-term volatility
Credo Wealth Solutions

Credo's Wealth Solutions are suited to Financial Intermediaries, including Wealth Managers, Financial Advisory Firms, Stock Brokers and Family Offices looking for a trusted partner. Credo offers Financial Intermediaries access to a Wealth Platform with whole of market, multi-asset class investments and incorporates research, portfolio modelling, trade execution, global custody (onshore & offshore), white-labelled Investor reporting, an online Investor portal and support for 20+ currencies. A range of Investment Solutions which includes Actively Managed Funds, Managed Portfolios and Bespoke Discretionary Management is also available. Our platform currently supports more than 20 Financial Intermediaries, with Assets under Custody in excess of £1.6bn, representing over 4,500 Investors.