Multi-Asset Portfolios

The Credo Multi-Asset Portfolios (MAP) follow an evidence based approach to investing, providing investors with diversified exposure to global assets through a selection of funds and ETFs.

Funds are selected using Credo’s in-house selection process and offered as four solutions targeting various levels of equity exposure. Portfolios are available in both GBP and USD.

You prefer lower risk investments but are willing to accept small downside risk to your capital in order to achieve a higher potential return than cash deposits.

You are willing and able to assume a moderate amount of capital risk, but with a lower allocation to growth assets and a focus on reducing potential downside.

You are willing and able to accepts short term volatility as a trade-off for higher potential returns. This portfolio has a large focus on the potential growth of capital over the long term.

You are willing and able to take significant risk to increase the return-generating potential. This is the most growth orientated profile and may be subject to substantial short term volatility.

Investment Philosophy

  • We believe that wealth is best created and preserved through patient & disciplined investing focused on the long term
  • We follow an evidence-based approach to investing
  • We strive to embed the benefits of diversification across the investment process
  • We believe that no investment strategy is so good that a high enough cost won’t make it a bad one
Credo Wealth

Creating and preserving wealth for future generations is a different journey for each client. At the outset of your journey with us, you will be introduced to your personal Relationship Manager who will be your primary contact. Your Relationship Manager will guide you through Credo's investment process, including understanding your investment objectives, risk profile and financial needs.